Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to plan a party

I recently threw The Good Daughter one hell of a birthday party. It took a lot of planning. The last two weeks before her birthday were dedicated to buying and making decorations, games, decor and food.

I couldn't have done it without some sort of list and planning tools. I actually had an idea of the theme, games and menu way back in March. Yes March, for a birthday in June. And yes, I know I'm crazy.

this is my rough draft for the backyard layout of the party

But it was a huge relief for me to have everything written down and in one spot. That way I could go over it when I had free time and modify any detail.

The Good Husband could look at the list and know what the hell was going on too, so when the morning of her party came, he would know how to help me set up. The same with my mom and grandma.

So I decided to create a party planning template to go into my household binder, aka The Brains of the Operation.

I'll be planning parties for at least another 19 years for The Good Daughter as well as any additional kiddo we might have, so this will come in handy, even if for once a year. And besides, it's never too early to plan for next year.

Camping birthday next year?

You can download this template here for your own BotO.


Unknown said...

You're not crazy. We're in the same village. I plan in advance and do schematics as well. My mother & sister were driving me nuts, with minimal baby shower details finalized and it's next week. It's my shower, but I've taken over. I can't help myself. I support you! *lol*

The Good Wife said...

I planned my shower too. I am in good company with you gigiodca.

Congratulations on the baby!

LT said...

Thank you for all of the templates, they look wonderful and I've downloaded each one.

The Good Wife said...

Thank you so much Lauren. I am glad you like them.

Thank you for reading.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this, it has made my party planning a cinch ;)

SMcQueen said...


Thank you for the fabulous templates! However, I am unable to download from Google docs (go figure?) Is there another link that can be made available?

Nancy said...

Thank you!!