Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Organization Challenges Complete List

I know I should have started a 52 week organization challenge way back in January but here's the deal: I hate winter and I think it is stupid to start any new challenges in the middle of the most depressing time of the year. I know not everyone lives in a dark, cold, barren, wasteland in winter but I do. And it sucks. And the last thing I want to do is clean or lose weight or resolve to be a better person. All I want to do is eat and hibernate and watch The Walking Dead and Mad Men and American's Next Top Model.

So I consider the year to be officially started once we get out of the dead season and start the rebirth - Spring!

Spring is a great place for me to start since I usually do my big yearly spring clean in March and I am encouraged by all the new growth and flowers and sunshine around me. Plus this year I will have to begin for the arrival of The Good Baby. I know nesting instincts will kick in at some point.

So I have made a list of weekly organizational challenges, organized by room, to help me get and stay organized. I realize that I am an insane person to take this on considering I will have a newborn sometime in the middle of this project, but that's just the type of nonmedicated person I am. But please don't roast me over the coals if I fail one or two of them.

And with that disclaimer, let's take a look at the list. Feel free to challenge yourself along with me!

Kitchen March 19 - May 27
Week 2. Kitchen organization: counter tops and sink
Week 3. Organize pantry, spices and food storage areas
Week 4. Organizing refrigerator
Week 5. Organizing freezer
Week 6. Organize recipes and cookbooks
Week 7. Organize coupons
Week 8. Meal planning/grocery shopping
Week 9. Create a home recycling center (plus dealing with trash)
Week 10. Cleaning supplies

Dining Room May 28 - June 10
Week 11. Dining room/kitchen eating area
Week 12. Homework area/launching pad  

Living Room June 11 - July 22
Week 13. Living room/family room
Week 14. Entryway/mud room
Week 15. Coat Closet
Week 16. Magazines and newspapers
Week 17. CDs and DVDs
Week 18. Photos

Laundry Room July 23 - August 12
Week 19. Laundry room
Week 20. Laundry baskets and hampers
Week 21. Linen closet

Bathroom  August 13 - September 9
Week 22. Bathroom
Week 23. Medicine cabinet
Week 24. First Aid
Week 25. Makeup/cosmetics    ~Organization update~

Bedroom September 10 - October 21
Week 26. Master bedroom
Week 27. Master bedroom closet
Week 28. Seasonal clothing switch
Week 29. Shoes
Week 30. Jewelry/accessories
Week 31. Purses/briefcases

Kid’s Room October 22 - November 18
Week 32. Kids' bedroom
Week 33. Books
Week 34. Kids' closet
Week 35. Toys and games ~Organization Update~

Home Office November 19 - February 3, 2013
Week 36. Home office
Week 37. Mail
Week 38. Bill paying
Week 39. Receipts/tax documents
Week 40. Filing system
Week 41. Email and internet passwords, manuals and warranties
Week 42. Addresses/contact information
Week 43. Create personal home inventory
Week 44. Crafts
Week 45. Keep a family calendar
Week 46. Organize wrapping paper and gift bags

Basement February 4 - February 17
Week 47. Christmas decoration
Week 48. Zombie Kit

Garage February 18 - March 10
Week 49. Vehicles
Week 50. Garage
Week 51. Pets

Exterior and Lawn/Garden March 11 - March 17
Week 52. Yard/garden

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Martine said...

A very ambitious and organized list!

I agree about hibernating in the winter and getting things accomplished once spring starts. I am looking forward to waking up in the morning to daylight not darkness.