Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make-up Organization: Take Two!

Awhile ago, I talked about how I organize my make-up. Taking one look at the original, you would know that eventually it would turn into a mess. And it did. I mean, just look at this shit.

I must have been smoking some good stuff that week to think the drawer would stay neat and organized.

I said at the time that organizers would be the best bet to keep everything contained and corralled. I was right. However, instead of buying a tray at the store, I decided to upcycle some boxes around the house and make trays.

All of the boxes were cereal boxes, a few tea boxes and I think one granola bar box. Like any good mom, I feed my kids the sugary cereal in the mornings, so in no time, I had enough boxes to fill the drawer. I just wrapped them in pretty scrapbook paper once I cut them to fit the height of the drawer.

And then I filled them all in. 

There were some places where the boxes created holes but I was able to fill these with little things like bobby pins and my extra contact case or rubber bands for The Good Daughter.

If you are new to the blog, know that my number #2 organization tip is to group things with similar functions together to save time and create functionality. This is a great example. 

So all of my lip stuff goes in one box, sandwiched between eye make-up and deodorant.

Contacts and foundations are in the first box followed by my brushes and moisturizer and make-up setting spray followed by my contact cleaners and disposable contacts.

Bronzer and pressed powder in another box.

Samples and rarely used items are all the way in the back.

I makes me so happy to open my drawer in the morning and have everything in a spot I can find. It even motivates me to wear most of the stuff.

So the next time you need to organize something, ask yourself if you have something on hand like cereal boxes you could use instead of buying something new. It will make you feel like a dirty hippy to upcycle. But you wont' smell like patchouli, I promise.

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