Friday, May 24, 2013

Love You to Pieces Father's Day (or B-Day) Craft

So The Good Husband had a birthday recently. He is generally a sour puss when it comes to all things celebrating. I, on the other hand, LOVE LOVE FUCKING LOVE ELEVENTY!!!1!!!!11!!! all thing even slightly celebratory. I especially love birthdays when it is a day to celebrate you. 

So keeping in mind TGH likes shit low key and we are on a budget this year, I decided to do a simple craft to celebrate the day he graced the universe with his presence. Break out the hot glue guns! 

I have seen this floating around in the Internets, usually in a Father's Day craft round up. And don't get me wrong, this is a *perfect* Father's Day craft. It has the right amount of cheesiness.

To make it, all you have to do is cut out a collar and tie (I used printer paper glued to cardstock) and a We Love You To Pieces cut out. Then glue them on to a jar (I used a pint mason jar) and fill the jar with Reese's Pieces. We love you to {Reese's} pieces. Get it?

How cute!!

But let's face it. TGH really didn't give a shit about it. He hugged us all as thanks b/c that's his job, but he only really cared about a jar full of candy that he and only he got to fucking eat. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dulce de Leche Sauce

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll already know that I tried really hard not to fuck up this recipe for Dulce de Leche sauce the other day. I guess boiling milk is a temperamental bitch and she fucked up my stove. But, after 2 hours, I had this jar of thick, glorious, sweet Dulce de Leche sauce.

Now, the original intent was to make churros but let me tell you that when you make churros and you can't find the star tip to your pastry bag, you end up with a plate of sweets that literally look like shit. 

Do you know how hard it is to eat something that looks like a huge piece of shit? I was so excited to have a new recipe on the blog that I might have cried a little when it all turned to shit. I thought I might post it anyway, but let's face it, I have enough problems with my shitty photos already. No need to an actual shit photo. 

But the good thing was the recipe only called for half the sauce. So what did I do with the other half? Stay tuned.

recipe from Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hair Accessories Organizer AKA Hair Pretty Holder

When The Good Daughter was a tiny little thing, I thought I didn't have to worry about hair accessories. I mean, I only have the barest few to get me by. I don't even wash my hair daily, so there's that too. 

I wish now, that I had gotten a giant ass bow for her when she was a newborn but I didn't. And then she didn't grow hair for nearly 2 years. Bless her heart. 

She's going on 4 now and has gotten some hair accessories along the way. She calls them hair pretties.

Look at that sweet face. A mugshot, 16 years in the making

Before I just had them all lumped in a box in her dresser, but it was messy and unorganized. I wanted a way for TGD to see all her choices but in a way that wouldn't drive me nuts or require any work on my part. Lazy parenting FTFW.

So I made this hair accessories organizer aka hair pretty holder to hang in our bathroom.

All of her hair pretties are hanging out for her to see - flower clips or headband? the eternal question - and choose in the morning.

It was a simple thing to make too - just some foam board, fabric, ribbon and pegs. I did have to fiddle with the head band holders but after some more hot glue, they are now even and can hold several more head bands. 

I decided to use 4 ribbons for hair clips. Then I added two loops that attach with velcro to hold her ponytail holders and then the two pegs for head bands. I attached it to our linen closet in our bathroom using command strips. I imagine when TGD gets a little older, I can hang this in her room.

For now they keep my bathroom and her room hair pretty clutter free.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Mother's day is this Sunday. This is a day where us moms should be able to sleep in late, have well behaved and quiet children and a self cleaning house. Sadly, the likelihood of that happening is right up there with me waking up in the middle of a Channing Tatum and Shia LaBeouf sandwich, with the body of  Christina Hendricks and the hair of Kate Beckinsale and the bank account of Bill Gates. But I hope you can still have an amazing day.

One of the things I love about having children, is the simple wonder they have for everyday things. Being a cynical adult, I have lost all that magic and I get swallowed up by all the things I am doing wrong as a mom. So its nice to be able to see through the eyes of your children that you are actually a decent mom.

So I thought it would be nice for me to have something to keep forever as proof that my kids did once love me. Believe me, I am saving these babies for when The Good Daughter hits 12 and "GAWD YOU SUCK MOM!! WHATEVER!! I HATE YOU!!!" 

This I Love Mom printable is a great way to capture all that cute kid stuff they have in their head. Your kids get to write their favorite memory of you, all your favorite things and what makes you special. Best of all, it's FREE!

Get your copy here, give it to your husband shit, you know you will just do it on your own anyway, fill it out with your kids and then get it delivered to you with your breakfast in bed on Sunday. Unless your husband is like mine, in which case, you just get a bottle of tequila b.c he can't screw that up.

And, I do hope you have a happy Mother's Day. (Fill one out for you mom too!) 

P.S.: You will notice that not only is folding laundry the thing I am the best at, but I am also stinky (dirty hippy 4 LYFE!!) and look the best when I brush my hair. But the best thing about me is that I love The Good Daughter - her words. 

Did you miss Mother's Day? 

Don't worry. I will have one of these babies ready for Father's Day. Just check in June, um, whenever the hell Father's Day is. ;)