Thursday, August 28, 2008

My 100 Foods List

There is a lot of 100 list floating around on blogs lately. The 100 things you should eat if you are an omnivore, the 100 things you should eat if you are a vegetarian, the 100 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days.

So in that zeitgeist here is my 100 Foods I Want To Make:

Yeast Breads
~French Bread - completed
~Italian Bread - completed
~White Sandwich Bread - completed
~Parker House Rolls
~Donuts - completed
~Sourdough Bread - completed
~Bagels - completed

~German Chocolate
~Layered cake - completed
~Boston Cream Pie
~Flourless Cake
~Yellow cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting - completed
~Cake with fondant

~Dish Pan Cookies
~Peanut Butter Cookies - completed
~Brownies - completed
~Oatmeal Cookies

~Crème Bruleè
~Vanilla Pudding
~Chocolate Mousse
~Ice Cream - completed
~Coeur a la Crème
~Sorbet - completed
~Truffles - completed
~Petit Fours
~Tiramisu - completed

~Cheese Danish
~Cream Puffs

~Peach Pie - FAIL, will attempt again
~Double crust pie
~Lattice topped pie
~Cream Pie
~French Apple Tart
~Pecan Pie
~Tarte Tatin
~Mixed Fruit Tart

Ethnic Food
~Pad Thai
~Homemade noodles
~Refried Beans - completed
~Summer Rolls
~Chicken Curry
~Egg rolls
~Crab Rangoon
~Chicken Satay

~Live lobster
~Oysters Rockefeller
~Shrimp Scampi
~Smoked Salmon
~Crab Cakes

~Beef Wellington
~Rack of Lamb
~Eggs Benedict - completed
~Homemade Sausage
~Chicken Condon Bleu
~Chicken and Noodles
~Liver and Onions
~Pasta Carbonara
~Beef and Noodles - completed
~Lasagna - completed
~Quiche - completed
~Shepherd’s Pie
~Pizza - completed
~Whole Turkey
~Roasted Chicken
~Turkey Burgers

Soup and sides
~Potato and Leek Soup - completed
~Stuffing - completed
~Beef Broth
~Vegetable Soup
~Gratin - completed
~Twice-Baked Potatoes
~Potato Skins - completed
~Cheese Straws

Updated: What good is it to have a list without a deadline? Well, this baby is good for one year, give a take a day. By Sept 1, I want to have finished everything on this list.


Ms. Foodie said...

Sweet! I copied you! ; )

The Good Wife said...

You reminded me to give myself a deadline. Thanks!