Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go Green - Personal and laundry

This is the list of little things we do in The Good Household to lessen our impact on the earth.

~Use a clothesline or air dry your clothes

~Use a dryer ball instead of fabric softener or sheets (dryer sheets contain animal fat, which can leave deposits inside your dryer)

~Wash your clothes in cold water

~Use baking soda and vinegar to wash your hair

~Use baking soda and water to brush your teeth

~Switch to a crystal deodorant

~Cloth diaper

~Use non disposable razors

~Cut your hair at home. The Good Husband keeps his hair buzzed so this is no problem for me to cut his hair.

~Shop at second hand and consignment shops for used clothing

~Shop garage and yard sales for used goods. I was able to get a ton of almost brand new clothes for The Good Baby by shopping yard sales.

~Switch to environmentally friendly personal products, like the Diva Cup:

~Buy toilet paper made from recycled paper

~Use a better toothbrush, like the replaceable head Source toothbrush:

Coming next week - Go Green - Finances, Dining Out and Misc


Anonymous said...

Any tips on laundry detergent? I'm not at all sure how to check to make sure they're using veggie oils rather than petroleum.

The Good Wife said...

Mesha - I have a recipe for homemade powdered detergent coming up. But since we plan to cloth diaper too, I can't use the homemade on CDs, so going off diaper websites, I am currently using Arm and Hammer Free.

I am sure detergent like Method and Seventh Generation uses veggie oils and not petroleum.

But I can find out.

Sara said...

The green detergent I use (called Grab Green) is all natural and discloses all of their ingredients on their package and on their website -