Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Peach Pie or Proof Why I Don't Bake

Since The Good Husband loves peaches and I bought some nice Calhoun peaches at the Farmer's Market, I thought I would make a pie. I love making pies but I always make kinds I don't like to eat. Something about making the dough and crimping it and browning the crust are fun to me. Here is how the pie looked out of the oven.

Looks nice, doesn't it? Well don't be fooled by this peach Trojan Horse. I knew something had gone horribly wrong when the pie slice I placed on the plate, flattened and sort of spread out. That's when I knew: I didn't cook the bottom crust before I filled the pie. What a stupid mistake and I knew that as I was filling the unbaked pie crust with peach filling, something didn't seem right.

But I couldn't throw the pie away. After all, I used Calhoun peaches, the gold standard of peaches 'round here. It would be such a waste, and I would cry. I didn't feel like crying. I felt like a doctor. 'This pie can be saved', I told myself. 'After all, the top crust is just fine and it did look so pretty.'

So, I decrusted the pie. I removed the top crust; baked it in the oven for 15 minutes just to make sure it was cooked. I then scooped out the peach filling, careful not to scoop out the dough as well. I put the peach filling into a new pie pan and retopped it with the crust. That when into the oven again for 15 minutes.

The end result looks like this:

It's a shame I don't eat peach pie because I worked so hard on this that it would be awesome if it tasted great despite me almost ruining it. TGH will now have to eat this and wonder how a two crust pie now only has one. But I think it will taste the same and lesson learned: I need to work on my baking skills


Elizabeth said...

I hate it when something I'm really looking forward to doesn't turn out right. :(

If you're wanting to restore your faith in pie-making, make this apple pie. You seriously can't screw it up.


The Good Wife said...


I might have to. TGH loves apple pie too. Thanks for the link.

annie said...

Hehe, I enjoyed this one (sorry, I'm truly not laughing at your expense). This is totally something I would do, and I admire your tenacity at trying to make it work!

Lisa said...

This has happened to me before and I hate it! There's nothing worse than a gummy pie crust. I feel your pain! At least you were able to salvage the fillings though - that's usually the best part anyway.