Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hair Accessories Organizer AKA Hair Pretty Holder

When The Good Daughter was a tiny little thing, I thought I didn't have to worry about hair accessories. I mean, I only have the barest few to get me by. I don't even wash my hair daily, so there's that too. 

I wish now, that I had gotten a giant ass bow for her when she was a newborn but I didn't. And then she didn't grow hair for nearly 2 years. Bless her heart. 

She's going on 4 now and has gotten some hair accessories along the way. She calls them hair pretties.

Look at that sweet face. A mugshot, 16 years in the making

Before I just had them all lumped in a box in her dresser, but it was messy and unorganized. I wanted a way for TGD to see all her choices but in a way that wouldn't drive me nuts or require any work on my part. Lazy parenting FTFW.

So I made this hair accessories organizer aka hair pretty holder to hang in our bathroom.

All of her hair pretties are hanging out for her to see - flower clips or headband? the eternal question - and choose in the morning.

It was a simple thing to make too - just some foam board, fabric, ribbon and pegs. I did have to fiddle with the head band holders but after some more hot glue, they are now even and can hold several more head bands. 

I decided to use 4 ribbons for hair clips. Then I added two loops that attach with velcro to hold her ponytail holders and then the two pegs for head bands. I attached it to our linen closet in our bathroom using command strips. I imagine when TGD gets a little older, I can hang this in her room.

For now they keep my bathroom and her room hair pretty clutter free.

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Jess Holmes said...

What a cute idea! My daughter has a ton of bow headbands and hair clips, I should try out something like this. Thanks for sharing!