Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 12 of the Weekly Organization Challenge

This is week 12 of The Good Wife's Weekly Organization Challenge! This week focused on the family command center/launching pad.

I am super excited for this post. I have been working on this command center/launch pad it seems like forever. It was the first project in a long time that I didn't get done as soon as I humanly could. Pregnancy and a toddler I am finding are very distracting. 

I owe this idea to something I found on Pinterest, again. 

Back in February, I created our family mail station.  Basically I moved a small end table next to the fridge to put my purse and keep our home address book and Brains of the Operation, aka Household Binder. Then I installed a mail organizer. The fridge was still a hot mess.

I wanted an area where we could see, as a family what we had planned for the week and month. While I know what our week and month look like b.c I look at the BotO every night, The Good Husband is not so diligent, or aware of what the binder is actually.  So I thought having it all out in the open would be a good thing.

I started with a big old piece of foam board from the craft store and cut it down to 25"x25". I then painted it a bright color - Spring Pasture by Martha Stewart - in a cute chevron pattern.

I then bought from the dollar store, two document frames and two 4"x6" frames. I removed the glass on one frame and hot glued cork to make a pushpin board. In the other frames, I left the glass but removed the backing, to create a dry erase board. Then I used command picture frame strips to hold everything together. And let me just say - Holy Shit! - I am so thankful to have found these since hanging photos was a huge point of contention in our house since TGH is anal about nailing things into the studs and I could give two shits as long as everything just looked pretty. These have been a marriage saver.

The pushpin board I use to hold miscellaneous coupons and receipts. The other smaller frame contains a to do or note area. TGH can use this to make note of any appointments he might have, notes for me, or a list of things we need from the store. 

The document frame holds my weekly docket.  We can see at a glance what we are going to eat for the week, what we are going to clean, and what we are going to play/learn along with any notes and appointments.

The other document frame contains a blank calendar so we can see any appointments or dates in the coming weeks.

This is the first you see when you walk into the house from the garage. I have a place to put my purse, keys and mail, and to write down any important information I might need. Also when leaving in the morning, I have a space to do one final check before I am off and running and hopefully don't forget anything.

I love the sense of order it gives me to have most of our information in one place and easily visible, so everyone in on the same page and there is little confusion.

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scarlettsea said...

Loving this! I so need this kind of order to feel less stressed. But my husband already thinks I'm a control freak!!
With a boy at school, a husband who works full time, a baby girl, a support group to run, a new business and going back to work in a few weeks after 8 months maternity leave I DEFINITELY need some order. Thank you from England!

Scottish Twins said...

I really like the look of the glass frames. I use self-laminating sheets and dry-erase pens for my calendars and lists, but it looks so blah. Thanks for the pretty idea!

Alex said...

That's a fabulous green. Love the chevron! This is such a good idea!

Ashley Lee said...

Love your mail staion area. I so need to do this!!!