Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 27 of the Weekly Organization Challenge

This is week 27 of The Good Wife's Weekly Organization Challenge! This week focused on the master bedroom closet.

There is it in all it's messy glory.

We are lucky to have a walk in closet but it can get disorganized quickly. Stuff tends to find it's way in there. I really wish we had a closet system, but we don't. ::sad trombone::

I do have it organized though. His and her shit on either side. The middle bar I use for extra hangers, The Good Husband's jeans and suit jacket. The reason he gets one whole and one half side is simply b.c he has more clothes.

The top of our closet is a hot mess but the idea is to keep the things we use by only occasionally up there. For example, I have my stack of maternity clothes up there along with an electric blanket.

On his side, TGH has hunting clothes or some shit, and duffel bags. Our good luggage is in on the middle shelf. {Anyone want a vintage pound puppy or kitty for cheap? Email me}

As for how we organize clothes - I have two principles I use in this area. 1. I sort clothes by season. Right now fall/winter clothes are closest to the door, where I can see them when I open the closet. 2. I then sort by formal/casual and color. So starting from the left, closest to the door, I have my formal fall/winter clothes in order of color {black, grey, white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red} followed by casual clothes in the same color order. My spring/summer clothes follow the same principle (formal by color and casual by color).

I do the same on TGH side. However, he likes his dress shirts and uniforms towards the center of the closet, so that's where I put them. His clothes are then arranged by short sleeve casual/formal/color and long sleeve/casual/formal/color.

And I know I just did a post about the laundry hamper, but when I was rotating my seasonal clothes {post to follow} I kept cursing the baskets and realized I was the moron that didn't put them out of the way. So, meh, there they are now. Under TGH's clothes in the closet.

Next week, we will focus on more closet organization with seasonal clothing storage, shoes and purses.

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