Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 10 of the Weekly Organization Challenge

This is week 10 of The Good Wife's Weekly Organization Challenge! This week focused on cleaning supplies. 

Way back in the first post on kitchen organization, you got a glimpse of my cleaning supplies that I keep under the sink.

I like to keep my cleaning supplies in a basket that I can take to every room while I clean.

Having everything in one place, where I can easily grab it and move from room to room is a huge time saver and helps me to keep the house clean. I don't have to spend time looking for the right cleaner, since they are all in one spot.

Since I clean mainly with homemade, green cleaners, my cleaning supplies aren't really all that much. I have a glass cleaner, an all-purpose, a degreaser, baking soda, liquid castile soap along with some natural sponges, trash bags and a duster.

I bought some bottles at the dollar store, so I can just refill the cleaners when I am running low. Since there were only two color options, I couldn't distinguish all the cleaners from each other, but I do us the blue one to signify the glass cleaner. Making it somewhat easier to just grab and go.

I also included labels on each bottle that list the ingredients and instructions. When I am running low, I can just look at the bottle and refill it without having to look up the recipe. It also give The Good Husband no excuse to not clean when we run out of cleaner and he claims to not know where more is.

And with this post, the kitchen should be completely and totally organized. Isn't it an amazing feeling?

We have organized the drawers and cabinets, grouping like items with like and keeping the things we use next to the appliances we use them the most often with. We have organized our food and those things - cookbooks, coupons, shopping lists - that allow us to make grocery shopping easier. Lastly, we organized the way we deal with recycle, trash and the supplies we use to keep everything clean.

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Alex said...

That was really clever to make a label with instructions for your cleaning supplies. I'll definitely have to do that!