Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 43 of the Weekly Organization Challenge

This is week 43 of The Good Wife's Weekly Organization Challenge! This week focused on creating a personal home inventory.

This by far is the most intensive organization challenge but once you get in a rhythm, it will become easy. And once you get an initial home inventory in place, any time you make a big purchase - like a new couch or tv - you can just add it on. 

Why the hell do you need a home inventory?
It's a good idea to have one in case of anything happening to your house or you stuff. This way you have a record of all your stuff for insurance purposes. You will need to know the value of your stuff and just what stuff you have. 

1. Start with the Home Inventory Log (above) and checklist (see below). 

2. Go room to room and document everything in the room, staring with the big ticket items. Take photos or video and describe each item. 

3. If you have the receipts for the large items, keep them with the log. If you are just staring the Home Inventory project, and don't have the receipts, don't worry. The next time you buy something large - like a new flat screen tv - make a copy of the receipt and include it when you are adding it to your home inventory log. 

4. Make copies of your log and photos. Burn everything onto a CD or DVD and make several copies to store on your computer and external hard drives. 

5. And keep a copy outside of your house, like in your safe deposit box. And remember to keep it updated. 

Now, what do you need to inventory? 

Below are the things you should inventory, listed by room.

Living Room 
~DVD player 
~Family room furniture and contents
~Fireplace equipment 
~Game systems (such as Wii, Playstation, Xbox, etc.) 
~Living room furniture and contents 
~Musical instruments
~Toys and games

Dining Room
~Dining room furniture and contents
~Table linens

~Bedroom furniture and contents (master and all additional bedrooms)

~Bathroom(s) furniture and contents

~Dishes and utensils
~Food in pantry, refrigerator and freezer
~Kitchen furniture and contents
~Pots and pans, and other kitchen equipment

Home office/craft room
~Computer/computer accessories (i.e., printer, scanner, etc.)
~Craft materials
~Home office furniture and contents
~Hobby items
~Sewing machine
~Video equipment 

Laundry room
~Ironing equipment
~Laundry room furniture, appliances and contents

~Basement furniture and contents

~Attic furniture and contents
~Christmas (and other holiday) decorations

~Air conditioner window units / portable heaters
~Lawn furniture
~Lawn games
~Plants and landscaping

~Automobile equipment
~Garage furniture and contents
~Garden equipment
~Golf clubs
~Lawn mower
~Sporting goods and equipment

Whole House
~Carpets and rugs
~Ceiling fans
~Curtains and draperies
~Decorative items
~Hall(s) furniture and contents
~Items in storage (within your home)

Hopefully, you can take a week - or three! - and soon have a complete home inventory system in place.

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maria smith said...

This week I decided to organize my pantry. It's in dire need of an overhaul. Every time I visit your blog I get the steam I need to power through another work over in some area of the house. I have to make my time count, so I take care of the organizing, and I get a good cleaning service to help me with the other jobs every couple of weeks.

samson smith said...

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