Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 41 of the Weekly Organization Challenge

This is week 41 of The Good Wife's Weekly Organization Challenge! This week focused on email and internet passwords, manuals and warranties.

For years I used a different password for every single email address, website and sign-up. And for years I would always have to use the "forgot password" thing-y on Then someone clued my dumbass into a universal password. And it changed my life. I have not used the "forgot password" thing since.

The idea is to use one main password - for example, Pass!w0rd - but then add letters or numbers to it for each website you use. Say you use the online coupon feature for your local Stop and Shop. Your password for that becomes Pass!w0rdSNS. See how easy? I wish someone would have told me sooner about this little trick.

But what do you do if you have a bunch of different passwords already or you get hit by a bus and your significant other needs to log into your online account to pay the gas bill? Well, you use this password tracker, that's what!

Now, what about manuals and warranties? I like to keep my manuals and warranties in my Appliance Binder.

Up next - contact lists and addresses!

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Jen said...

I tried to download this printable and it isn't working. Is there a way we can print it?