Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Appliance Binder

One of the ways I stay organized is to have all the manuals and instructions for all of our appliances in one spot - in the appliance binder

Before I used to keep all the booklets and instructions for our appliances in one drawer in the living room. But it was always disorganized and I had to pull out all the manuals before finding the one I wanted.

Now I have all the instructions and product information in one spot. I used a 3 hole punch to punch holes in all the booklets so they would fit nicely in the binder. Some of the booklets are too fat to use in the hole punch, however, so they either go in the pockets on the front and back cover of the binder or just in front, like the booklets for my washer and dryer.

I have also separated the manuals by category for quick and easy access. All of the instructions for The Good Husband's stuff, aka tools and garage, are placed in the back of the binder. Next electronics including our tv and home theater system are in the middle, followed by all of our kitchen appliances.
We were lucky enough to have all new appliances in our home when we moved, so we have a lot of manuals. I am currently using a 1 inch binder, but this might need to be upgraded in the future as we buy more things.

I also keep a list in the front of the binder of the major appliances - stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer, vacuum - that includes model number and any additional part number like vacuum cleaner bags or water filter for the fridge. That way all the numbers are right at my fingertips if I should need them and eliminates my need to find each separate manual.
All in all, an easy way to stay organized and clutter free.


Not Laura Ingalls said...

The grocery bag full of manuals sitting in my office waiting to be filed says, "thanks!"

Anonymous said...

Love this idea. Finally got it printed as a reminder to do this over the weekend. I have a ton of manuals from when we moved into our apartment over a year ago and had lots of new appliances. The manuals all got stuck in a drawer with batteries... and our cutting knives/cutting board.

The binder is a MUCH better idea, and I can use clear plastic sheet protectors instead if the hole-punching will go through the text.

The Good Wife said...

Plastic sheet protectors are a great idea Michelle.