Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kitchen Organization - Part 19

Remember my kitchen organization tour?  Well, I have gotten some more shit for the kitchen since then and my once clean cabinets were starting to go downhill, fast. This cabinet was always sort of a little odd hodge podge of shit that never really seemed to be organized. 

Then add in the fact that I just kept getting more shit and ta-da!

Hot Mess.

The sad thing is about half the contents of the cabinet were in the dishwasher, so it was even more of a mess when full. See all that shit on the bottom shelf? Know what the fuck it is? Yeah, neither do I. 

Now, normally I have the patience to pull out the colanders from the back without spilling all the shit in front out and onto the counters b/c I don't want to deal with the mess in the first place. I will carefully lift out the colander I need, not disturbing the mess in front, so I won't have to pick anything up that might spill out.

Oh, but not The Good Husband. The last time he cooked pasta, I was treated to a litany of cursewords so colorful I felt like I should eat soap. See, TGH isn't as delicate as I am. If he reaches for something and something else falls in the way or out of the cabinet..... Lord help us all.

So I rearranged and wouldn't you know, the most effective way to organize is the simplest. The stand mixer attachments that kept getting in the way? Well I moved those fuckers out from the shelf altogether. Using clear hooks, I was able to move the three standard attachments as well as the ice cream paddle to the inside of the door.

I was able to free up a lot of space on the lower cabinet so the salad spinner, the colanders and hand-held strainers were easy to reach. Things like the meat grinder for the stand mixer and my mandolin are still on the bottom shelf but out of the way since they are used less. The middle shelf got some basic rearranging and my new salad bowl and tongs live on the top shelf.  

I can close the cabinet with ease and nothing falls off the hooks. I can see were all four of the attachments are and they are right above my stand mixer for ease of access.

Sometimes I tend to over think organizing, thinking I have to have some fancy and new organization tool that will solve all my problems for me. When really what I need is just a pair of hooks.

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