Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Milk + Cookies Valentine

Oh happiness!! Valentine's Day will be here soon. And I love me some Valentine's Day crafty stuff.  It's probably b.c there is not a lot of pressure surrounding the holiday, aside from Pinterest guilt, that is. I can just relax and do fun and silly things for the kids.

It is also the point where we start to dig out from winter, turn our eyes to spring and get excited for the sunshine and fresh air. It's a nice break from all the doom and gloom of winter.

This year I found this super cute idea out on the interwebs and decided it was *THE* Valentine's Day craft for The Good Kids daycare friends.
How cute is that?!

So fucking cute, I can't stand it.
"Valentine, we go together like cookies + milk."

There is room on the back to write to and from. This will be the first year TGD will be able to write everyone's name on there. Awwwwwwwwwww.
I made the printable (which you can snag for FREE here), cut it out and taped it to a sandwich bag filled with a milk box and bag of cookies. 

Now, I should have gotten some nice cellophane bags at the craft store, but let's face it, I didn't even get all this shit together until 2 days before Valentine's Day. And it is still motherfucking snowing here, so ain't no way in hell I am going out to the store again. If you were to make these, I know you will do a better job than me.

An alternative to giving out milk boxes, if you can't find them, is to include a straw with the package of cookies so the kiddos can get their own damn milk.

Overall, this was a simple Valentine's treat that was about $2 to make.

You can get your own FREE Milk + Cookies Valentine by clicking the photo below.

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