Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Owl Valentines

It's time once again for shitty homemade Valentines!

Last year, I made cheesy candy treat bags.  The year before it was handmade cards and the year before that was a Valentine Breakfast! Can you tell I like to get my craft the fuck on during a holiday?

This year is no different and so I made owl valentines.

I saved some toilet paper rolls, let The Good Daughter color some paper (I did color some too) and then I hot glued that shit together to make these owls.

And I had to cheese it the hell up by adding sayings like "Hoo's Your Valentine?" and "Owl Love You" and of course "Owl Be Your Valentine." All in all, it was an easy craft that allowed TGD and I to spend some time together, for me to get some wicked hot glue burns and for all the other 3 year olds at daycare will think are the shit. 

What more could I ask for in a craft?

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