Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Organize Card Games

Way back when I talked about how I organize toys and games, they looked like this:

Board and card games live in our entertainment center in our living room. That hasn't changed.

But kids are destructive little a-holes and in the years we have been playing card games, the boxes when from nice and pretty as seen above to shitty and torn.

So I needed a way to organize them. Originally I wanted individual cases to hold each game. But I couldn't find any that were large enough. And I am cheap. I really didn't want to buy 5+ cases for a couple bucks each, when I could just buy one and be done with it.

So off to Target I went. And I picked up this storage box

It was just the right width to fit the cards.

So I cut the boxes to help keep each game separate.

Games that need the directions, I cut out and taped to the heavy cardboard that was inside of each box.

Then I stacked them neatly inside.

And I shut that baby up.

Now all the games are in one place. I will probably use some rubber bands to secure each game so they don't get all higgly piggly in the box. But for now they are happy in there.

And they live all nice and neat in the entertainment center again.

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