Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day Paper Plate Craft


The Good Daughter is really starting to understand holidays and how we can make special crafts and eat special food and dress up in special clothes and have a grand time. 

Too bad all her St. Paddy's day stuff is kid friendly and she won't know the true meaning of the holiday until her drinking days start in high school. 

But for now, she gets to make cute crafts, like this one!

I took a regular paper plate and cut out the inner circle. Then I colored the bottom to look like the pot of gold and the top to look like a rainbow. I also cut out some small circles for gold coins. This would have gone a whole lot faster if I had a big ol' hole punch. Get one of those and then do this craft. 

And this is TGD's version.

Clearly the patience of a 4 year old.

I like this b/c we had all the materials on hand - paper plate, markers, glue and cardboard (the coins are cut from a TeddyGrams box!).

If you need a cute and simple craft for today, you are in luck!

Green beer and corned beef for all!!

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