Thursday, January 2, 2014

~FREE~ Winter Planner

It is my least season of all time and only partly b/c it contains my least favorite holiday - Christmas - but that doesn't mean there are plenty of fun things to do in winter. The nights are longer, lending perfectly to snuggling up inside and staying cozy. 

Since there are so many things to do and eat and craft and drink, I decided to make this Winter Planner. It's a great way to track everything you want to do. It has a Winter Bucket List, space for parties you want to host or attend, decorations you want, recipes you want to try, activities to do and crafts to make. Everything is all in one spot.

Download your free Winter Printable here!

And as a way to track what new fall recipes you want to try out, I have made some recipe cards for you. Just print and fill out!



Kathleen Rusher said...

I LOVE this one and the Fall planner. It ALMOST makes me wish it was Fall or Winter again. Will you be doing these for Spring and Summer? Maybe? Pretty Please??

The Good Wife said...

Thank you for the reminder!! I do have a spring and summer planner. I will post them soon.

Thank you so much for reading!