Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 45 of the Weekly Organization Challenge

This is week 45 of The Good Wife's Weekly Organization Challenge! This week focused on keeping a family calendar.

Keeping a family calendar is a great idea when you have kiddos you need to take all across town. Since mine are still littles, they don't yet have much in the way of a social calendar. But I imagine that soon their dance cards will be filling up with scout meetings, dance class, soccer practice and all that other junk that kids tend to do once they hit school age. The only person I really need to keep track of right now is The Good Husband and most days I barely register when he is home.

If I *were* to keep a family calendar, however, a great spot would be in the Family Command Center/Launch Pad. A great trick for keeping everyone sorted out, is to make appointments and events for a single person is a separate color. So appointments and events for me would be written on the calendar in pink {duh} while TGH's would be in green, The Good Daughter's in blue and The Good Son's in yellow and family events in black. That way, looking at the calendar at a glance would reveal a when someone needs their ass on the soccer field at 6 pm while someone else is across town at piano lessons.

Stickers are also another great option, with everyone having the same sticker next to their event on the calendar. 

But the key to keeping a family calendar that won't have to leaving junior sitting outside dance class waiting to be picked up, is to keep it in a central location that all family members can see and edit if needed.

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Stel said...

Yup. I have a great calendar, including kids, us, me, dad, gardener and cleaner.
Must just look at it.