Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Turning my Daughter into an OCD Freak

I wanted to title this post "Turning my daughter into an anal (as in anal retentive) freak", but was scared of the traffic I would get. O.o 

The thing about being anal retentive/OCD is that I get to raise my kids that way. I am sure they will both love need therapy because of it. 

Like most parents, I suspect, the kiddos give me trouble listening and getting shit done. Especially in the mornings. So with advice from a friend, I made this chore chart for The Good Daughter to use.

It lives on the fridge, below our Family Command Center, so TGD can see it easily and follow it.

I included the simple chores she needs to do everyday. Some "chores" she does everyday already, so there was no fight there and it was an easy way for her to earn her stamps/rewards.

We use stamps that she got from Santa to mark off each chore. If she gets stamps for each chore for the day, she will get one sticker. If she gets 5 stickers, she will get a reward. A reward that she chooses- so far this is going to the park. 

I like to start the chart on Monday to give her a chance to earn her reward by the weekend and to get her into a routine for pre-k in the fall.

So far it seems to be working. There have been no meltdowns in the mornings while trying to get dressed, even if she does still take her sweet ass time. And it is a nice way to settle down at the end of the night, by stamping the chores that she did and talking about doing them again tomorrow.

If you like this chore chart and would like one customized, just shoot me an email - majorwife at gmail dot com - and I will be happy to make one for you.

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maria smith said...

I have used similar systems with my kids. It can be a great way for them to form some constructive habits. I have a green cleaning service that helps with cleaning. The kids are learning to pick up their rooms, set the table, clear their dishes. It takes all of us to keep up with our home, but that makes sense since we all live here.