Monday, March 19, 2012

BotO - Medical Logs

Since I am knocked up now and have a walking germ collector otherwise known as The Good Daughter, I see the doctor on a fairly regular basis. We also tend to take a lot of medicines in The Good Household. That is mainly due to the fact that The Good Husband is a big baby when it comes to illness while TGD and I just shake things off.

Also, breeding tends to create a lot of paperwork for insurance claims and by the time I remember to call the doctor's office to get the dates of my visit, the office is closed and the paperwork is due to the HR department in the morning. So I have created several templates that will help you track your doctor visits, healthcare costs and medicine taking.

This first template allows you to track your healthcare spending. This is great if you use a health savings account. I actually don't know what the hell that is, and just use it submit reimbursement claims to insurance. It tracks the date and description of the service, as well as the total, the payee and if the claim was submitted to one of the fancy HSA thingies or insurance.

Next is the medication log. This is helpful since it allows you to see what types of medication you take over a course of time and if there were any reactions. We have been lucky in that TGD has only ever had two ear infections and has otherwise never been sick. By having a list of the antibiotics she has taken in the past, we know that she has never had a reaction to any of them (unlike, say, her Momma) and we can tell the doctors there have been no issues. 

This template tracks the dates started and stopped for any medication, along with the name, side effects and notes. In the name field, I like to list both the medical name and the type. In the notes field, I list the reason for the medicine, ie, allergies, infection, etc. 

This last template allows you to track doctor visits. I like to have one for each doctor and patient. So for me, I have my primary care physician, my OBGYN, my eye doctor, my endocrinologist and such. Luckily, TGD has only seen her pedi and an eye doctor, so she has the smallest stack of forms. She does rival me in doctor visits, since who knew "well babies" had to see the doc so much and get so many shots?

The template includes the contact info for the doctor as well as the date and type of the visit. I have also included the amount of the co-pay, the overall cost and a space to mark the visit as paid. 

You can now get these printables and more in my Etsy Shop! 

The Medical Logs are now part of The Health and Fitness Pack and The Good Wife Home Management Pack. You can also get CUSTOMIZED printables too!

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