Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 32 of the Weekly Organization Challenge

This is week 32 of The Good Wife's Weekly Organization Challenge! This week focused on the kids' room. 

A while back, I talked about how I updated The Good Daughter's room from a nursery to a
woodland critter themed big girl room. Before the room just had white walls, her crib and wardrobe which is a hand me down that I have had since junior high.

I wanted to keep her room fun and functional. Shit, I even painted it pink. Growing up I never had a bedroom that I decorated. My mom would just get some furniture and then put it in my room and I would have to work around it. I had the wardrobe and a teeny, tiny single bed, a desk, a tv stand and a cabinet for dolls I didn't really like. So I thought it would be awesome if TGD could have something that she got to help create and she can live with for a few years.

But since we moved the crib out of her room and had another baby to put in that crib, that shit had to go somewhere too. What was once my home office became the new nursery. Once I found out I was pregnant, The Good Husband busted ass and got my office finished in the basement. There is no before photo of the hell that was my office.

Since I have two kids' rooms, each with separate functions {baby v pre-k'er}, each room as to serve a different purpose.

TGD's room has to be fun and colorful and give her a place to play, to sleep and offer storage for all her shit. TGS' room is basically there to keep his clothes and change his diaper, since he sleeps with us and doesn't play in his room at all. 

We also have to keep our personal computer in there until we can finish the rest of the basement. For now, since no one sleeps in there it is ok, but as soon as The Good Son can play in there, it will have to move downstairs.

One thing that I did do differently this time is I added a changing pad. I use the top of the dresser for a changing table and keep a small container, similar to the one I use for my new mother breastfeeding survival kit, to help with diaper changes. That way I can have lotion, diaper area wash, rash cream and other essentials within reach at diaper change. I also have the dirty clothes hamper at one end of the dresser and the dirty diaper pail at the other.


TGS has a small box of baby toys in his room for when he can play with them. Right now TGD likes to get into it and pretend to be the baby again.

Another thing I added this time was a rocking chair. Now I can savor the 20 minutes I get each night rocking TGS to sleep. I get to snuggle in, rub my nose on TGS's little bald head and take 20 minutes to reflect on the day, to prepare for the next day and relish the last time I will probably have a baby in the house.

TGS also got all of TGD's nursery stuff - crib and bedding and decor. When it is time for his big boy room I will paint and give him some stuff that is all his.

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