Thursday, March 8, 2012

BotO - Bill Tracker

This is another template I created for my Brains of the Operation, aka Household Binder.

I created this bill tracker as a way to keep a record of our monthly expenses. I already have a monthly budget but this allows me to see monthly expenses for the entire year on one single piece of paper. It is very helpful for me since we do a lot of business expense write off stuff at tax time.

I was always gathering the paperwork in February and cursing myself for not writing everything down once a month over the course of a year as opposed to waiting until the last minute to get everything together.

Having your monthly expenses listed on a single page is also a great way to see how your utilities average out over the year. Is your heating bill really high in December and January like ours tends to be? There are some tips you can try to help reduce your costs, like installing a programmable thermostat.

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 The Budget Checklists includes the Bill Tracker are now part of The Budget Pack and The Good Wife Home Management Pack. You can also get CUSTOMIZED printables too!

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