Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week 14 of the Weekly Organization Challenge

This is week 14 of The Good Wife's Weekly Organization Challenge! This week focused on the Entryway/mud room.

Since, much to my disappointment, I don't have a mud room, this post focused on the entryway. If and when we ever move, however, mud room is on the list of shit we need in a house.

I suspect like in most suburban homes, the entryway is just not a part of the house I use on a daily basis, considering we mainly enter and leave the house through the garage door. So the entryway becomes a spot to welcome and organize guests and to sign the receipt for the pizza boy.

Thus the entryway contains little storage. There is a table for guests to put their purse or other belongings and a coat rack that is used mainly for guest coats. And despite being so totally awesome that we could charge a cover at the door, the piggy bank is mainly just for The Good Daughter's College Fund, currently. 

The left side of the entryway is empty, since my goal as a homeowner and host is to get people from the door and into the living spaces of the house as quickly as possible. So any purses can be set on the table, coats hung on the rack and then they can move into the living room.

I keep the coat rack near the end of the entry way to allow for more than one persons to use it at a time. One person can stand in the living room and hang up their coat, while the other is still in the entryway. And while we might be a shoe free house, I don't ask guests to remove shoes, making entry into our house quick and easy.

However, there is only little person that uses the entryway daily and that is TGD. Every day when she comes home from daycare, she hangs up her coat and backpack. We installed kid-height hangers on the coat rack that are hers alone for her stuff. She also has a bench where she can sit and remove her shoes. It is small enough that it can stay in the entryway and still be out of the way.

The main goal of the entryway is to provide a welcoming spot for guests (and I welcome the shit out of them with my cool family photos on the table and framed art) as well as a place where they can put their shit quickly before entering the living spaces of the house.

By keeping the area clutter free and organized with storage for guests, the entryway can become a place where guests can feel relaxed and happy when entering your home. 

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