Sunday, June 24, 2012

Campout Birthday! The Good Daughter Turns 3!

NOTE 6.23.13: I realized that I had this post all ready to go but it never got published. It must have been something about having a baby last year around this time. Ooops! 

I love birthdays. I like the planning, the decorating, the cooking, the fun. That's of course, when I am not 1000 weeks pregnant. Last year, I went a little nuts when planning The Good Daughter's party

This year I scaled back a little. Oh, I still had a cute theme and food to match, but it's hot and fuck it, if I don't want to cook a million things. So let's get this started.

This years theme was a camp party. We set up a tent in the backyard for the kids to play in. I found some camp signs online and printed them out and glued them to some cardboard. 

We had s'mores on a stick, which everyone loved. They were super easy to make too.

The Good Daughter had her own smash cake - a dirt cake, complete with a worm.

Ants on a log.

Camp decor.

For the favors, I made hobo packs filled with camp theme goodies - camp rubber ducks, stickers, tattoos, bubbles, flashlight and markers. I also had a design your own bandana station for the kids.

On the menu:
~Hot dog and hamburger bar, similar to this but not as impressive (hence no photo)
~Corn on the cob
~Chips and individual seven layer dip that was the biggest hit of the day
~S'mores on a stick
~Ants on a log
~Dirt cups

All the kids had a great time. Now I relax before I have to pop this kid out in three weeks. I think I can justify sitting on my ass for the next several days.

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