Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week 19 of the Weekly Organization Challenge

I am not dead. 

I am sorry that it has taken too long in getting back on the organizational horse. 

This is week 19 of The Good Wife's Weekly Organization Challenge! This week focused on the laundry room. 

Currently our laundry room is a large closet off of our main hallway. There is a lot of space there, but most of it is unused. I have plans on turning it into some kind of giant linen closet/storage but I don't know what I want, just yet.

But I still needed to organize this giant ass mess into something neater. So the before.....

and now the after... 

I got rid of all the garbage and moved the cleaning soaps to the corner above the washing machine.

I also put the specialty cleaners and tissues in a storage bin. The dust rags went into the other storage bin.

For now, miscellaneous items live in the empty space that would be a linen closet in the future - the highchair and fan.

Next week, I will focus on laundry storage and hampers.

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miamihoney said...

I recently cleaned out our laundry room and added a few shelves. It is amazing what a difference those small touches made~ I have started to fold my clothes when I take them out of the drawer. Life is a wee bit easier and that is what organization is all about :)