Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nursery Decor

For the first 20 weeks or so of my pregnancy, I swore I was having a boy. And then we had the big ultrasound and there was no mistaking The Good Baby was going to be The Good Daughter.

Now this presented a dilemma for me. Number one - I hate pink. I really don't like pink-ifying babies and little girls. Yes, I am a crazy feminist like that. Number two - this was going to be the first of (hopefully) five children so I wanted something that would be gender neutral enough for any following babies. Number three - my favorite colors are blue and green, so it was a challenge to find something in those colors that wasn't too masculine.

About the 30th week I started to register for baby bedding. I found one I loved that was modern, blue and green polka dots. And then it was discontinued the day after I notified everyone about my registry. So I registered for another bedding, but again that one was discontinued too.

After a tearful phone call to my mom and several stressful hours trying to decide on new bedding, I was finally able to pick one that seemed not too masculine and could be used for later babies.

I like polka dots and I like mint chocolate chip ice cream, which is ironic since ice cream was one of the things I craved during pregnancy. I think my lust for a gallon of the sweet stuff poisoned my brain and in a sugary fog, I picked this bedding as a subliminal nod to my dairy lover.

So, I had to have the entire bedding set. The thing is, is it didn't come with cute wall hangings like other bedding sets did. So I got a little crafty and made these letters.

Now I know they way they are displayed present a safety issue, but rest assured, TGB has never slept in her crib and soon I hope to get some floating shelves to sit the letters on. I would hang them individually with some ribbon, but how would I hang the Y? Besides, since our house is less than a year old, I do not want to put five holes in my virgin walls. Two holes will be my limit.

I was able to paint these letters in one weekend, taking my time to sand them before I painted them. The project cost less than $30 and I was able to give TGB something made with love.

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