Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The First Good Family Vacation, Part 1 - The Sights

The Good Husband and I aren't big vacation people. We usually just take a weekend here and there and go camping or to St. Louis. This year we decided to drive to South Carolina. Drive. As in 10 hours in a car for two days. With a 13 month old.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I am never ever doing that again. I cannot stand to be in the car that long and I don't care what kind of scenery I get to view. I swear next time we are either flying or renting an RV.

But I got to experience The South, something that I really enjoyed being a Yankee and all. So I present to you things I found in The South.

What I saw:
~Waffle Houses
~Rims for Lease
~Cotton and tobacco fields
~The Stars and Bars
~Truck Nutz
~The ocean

What I heard:
~Bless your heart
~You want some sweet tea?
~Praise Jesus!
~A little too much southern sympathy for all the poor plantation owners that lost their way of life

We drove all the way to Georgia before stopping for the night and made it to Myrtle Beach the next day. We did a lot of shopping and sight seeing and of course took The Good Baby to the beach for the first time.

She was skeptic at first since the ocean looks nothing like the inflatable hippo pool she is used to swimming in.

She did not like it. She didn't cry but she didn't like the feel of the waves hitting her. As a bonus I lost my glasses in the ocean and thus paid $300 to be able to see again. Yay.

Myrtle Beach does have some beautiful beach homes. You don't see color like this in the Midwest.

We took a day trip to Charleston. This is one of the houses on the famous Rainbow Row.

Cobblestone streets

Gadsden Flag

Random house in Charleston

After touring Charleston, we decided to tour a plantation. We drove an hour to Magnolia Plantation outside Charleston. We took the nature tram, a 45 minute ride around the grounds. We were hot and tired and this was a good way to relax and help TGB cool off. We saw a lot of wildlife but no alligators.

Slave quarters


The House

I was disappointed in the entire plantation tour and kinda pissed it was so expensive. It was not what I was expecting at all. I guess I have read too many Anne Rice books.

It was also hot as hell. I am not used to humidity like that. But we did have a great time and made good memories.

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Brooke said...

Sounds like y'all had fun. I love Charleston, and also didn't like Magnolia Plantation and thought it was overpriced. But I did see an alligator...