Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taking The Good Baby to the State Fair

This year The Good Baby celebrated an important milestone here in the Midwest - her first State Fair.

Usually it is unbearably hot during the fair and it always rains for at least one day. The day we went was hot but nothing like previous summers. We decided to go after TGB had her morning nap so we could eat lunch and explore for a few hours before she needed her afternoon nap.

While TGB sat happily in her stroller people watching, I had chocolate covered bacon and deep fried key lime pie.

The bacon tasted more like a salty chocolate covered pretzel. I didn't taste too much of the bacon. The deep fried key lime pie just wasn't good. The batter was too thick, I couldn't actually use the stick to hold it and I hate powdered sugar. Since this is the second time I have had something deep fried that was bad, I think my deep fried dessert days are over.

This is the part of the fair I really like. Every damn year I forget what building the produce and food contests are in and I kinda wander around aimlessly until The Good Husband remembers. By this time we are usually on the other side of the fair grounds, so by the time we find it, we are thankful it is one of the few buildings on the grounds air conditioned.

Notice the blue ribbon and champion winners are in a refrigerated case. The runners up have to withstand the elements for 10 days.

On to the animal barns. I feel bad for the sheep since it is so hot and for whatever reason, they have to sleep in coats. The pigs were not dealing well with the heat. TGB got to pet a friendly goat. One of the sheep nipped at her, so she was happy the goat was kinder.

Awarding winning foods. Look at that pie crust. I can never make mine look so pretty.

TGB had a mini donut for the first time. The thing is covered in sugar and while it is definitely not organic or healthy, we let her have a few since it was her first fair. Other than her birthday cake with organic sugar, she has never had so much sugar at once. At first she was skeptical. But in the end, she liked it.

We also wore her out. Never before has she fallen asleep in her stroller. Thank god we brought the one that reclined and not her umbrella stroller.


Emily said...

Looks like you all had a great time. We are heading to Squish's first state fair too in just a few short days. While I have been to a few fairs in my day, I have never been to the MN fair and am looking forward to it very much!

mella said...

I was at the MN State Fair yesterday as well. I didn't know that you were from there. Very cool to read a local's blog :)

Amanda said...

How fun! She is too stinkin' cute!