Friday, March 25, 2011

Am I going to be THAT mom?

So, I think I am going to be *that* mom. You know, the one you roll your eyes at b/c she will do anything for her preshus little snowflake.

See the problem we have here:

"A ... B... C... D... E... F... G... H...?" Where the hell is the I?

I think the I actually ended up in the garbage accidentally. But if it didn't, it has disappeared completely from the house. So how do I fix this? Should I fix it?

Does it make any difference that The Good Daughter probably doesn't give two shits the I is missing? She can already say and point out which one I is anyway, so we don't need it as a learning tool the way we need the J or the C.

But still there is a gaping hole where the I should be. And I have kinda missed hearing the little tune, "Every letter makes a sound. I says eye and eh" when you put the letter in the doghouse.

So I either let it go and chalk it up to the fact that kids lose toys or that I should have been more careful about picking them up every night so I would know when I went missing and I could have checked the garbage before trash day.

Or, I will do what *that* mom does, which is to search the internets for a replacement I and spend more on the one letter you lost than you did on the entire toy in the first place.

Which one do you think I will be?


CRS said...

Try freecycle!

dreamcarr said...

you must tell me the name of this product! Its hard to find letter magnets that a kid under 3 can have!

The Good Wife said...

DC - Its the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set:

Its for ages 2-5 but TGD got it when she was 18 months. It is really cute and has helped her learn almost all her letters. When you put a letter in the doghouse it sings a song to tell you what sound the letter makes and when you push the music notes at the top it will sing the alphabet.
But the best part is the volume control and off button! :)