Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Country Lemonade

This is summer in a glass.

For The Good Daughter's Barnyard Birthday Bash, I decided to make lemonade and serve them in mason jars. They added to the farm feel.

Everyone at the party loved them and the pint jars were just the right size. I wouldn't make this with anything other than fresh lemon juice. I used my Jack Lelane juicer to juice the lemons but it is not required. It just made less work for me.

Juice of 8 lemons
1 cup superfine sugar
3 cups water
1 lemon, sliced for garnish

~To juice lemons without a juicer, roll firmly on counter top, slice in half and squeeze over a strainer to catch the seeds.

~Mix lemon juice, sugar and water until combined. Chill and serve cold with a lemon slice for garnish.

recipe from:Ben Franklin

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Lisa said...

I am obsessed with mason jars! I use them for our water glasses. They just feel good in your hand, and are almost indestructible. The party looked super adorable!