Friday, February 3, 2012

We Finally Decorated

Remember this post? My update to my cry for help to the interior design gods? I had finally decided on what I wanted above the fireplace. The Good Husband had wanted a clock. I had wanted a mirror. Then we reached a compromise with photos. But what? I had the layout decided in my head but we never really got around go commissioning the photos from our cousin.

Then a few weeks ago we were out for a night sans The Good Daughter and we happened to see these photos in  - of all places - a sporting goods store. TGH saw the top photo first and feel in love. When we asked if there were any more, we quickly found the two other smaller photos and ordered them. I second guessed the placement for a long time but I am happy with they way it turned out.

Eventually I will move most of the photos off the mantle since I think it looks too crowded. I just need to figure out where I want them and how.

And to date, we now have only 5 things hanging in our house. Yay for commitmentphobes.  

And yes, the plan is still to paint. I don't know if baby #2 will hasten or postpone that.

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