Friday, February 17, 2012

BotO - Home Maintenance Log

We moved into our house three years ago this spring. It was a new construction so everything was brand-spankin' new and we shouldn't have had any problems, right? ::snort:: Sure. 

For a while we had a few minor issues that could be corrected easily by the big strong, manly men that built the house. Then, as is the case with anyone who has ever bought anything expensive, shit started to go downhill the second the warranty expired.

That included our furnace breaking twice over a holiday weekend this past winter, which just so happened to be the coldest nights of the year. That's my luck, forever. However, we were able to get it fixed relatively cheaply and easy. When I told my mom what had happened, she said, "You need to write this shit down so you know when the last time you had it fixed." I guess some work comes with a warranty? 

Thus the home maintenance log was born.

As part of the Brains of the Operation, aka household binder, the log allows you to track the servicing and repairs to major appliances. So instead of racking your brain to think of the last date you had the dishwasher repaired and only coming up with "there was snow on the ground. so November?" you can know exactly when it was repaired and what was done to it.

You can now get this printable and more in my Etsy Shop! 

The Home Maintenance Log is now part of The Good Wife Home Management Pack. You can also get CUSTOMIZED printables too!

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Lins said...

This will definitely come in handy!

golb0016 said...

Keeping track of maintenance is always a good idea. I use Home Maintenance Tracker for DYI tasks, tracking costs, and for making a maintenance calendar.

Bizznizzman said...

Logs are always a great way to keep track of progress, and even motivate you to keep working. Great post!
-Kyle @ Home Maintenance