Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BotO - Babysitter Notes

I'm told that normal people leave their kids with babysitters while they enjoy a night out. We have done that once in the almost 3 years that The Good Daughter has been alive. We need to get out more. 

One source of anxiety for me the one time we left her with a sitter was making sure she knew what to do. I wish I had had this template then. It would have given me peace of mind and allowed me to enjoy the shitty movie The Good Husband and I went to see that night.

I also babysat a lot in high school and college. So much so, that I almost made as much money from my babysitting jobs than I did my actual job at the time. I would have loved something like this when I watched kids for a new family the first few times. Everything is laid out clearly and easily accessible. Hanging this on the fridge or next to the phone would have been super helpful. And by seeing all the areas on the template, it reduces the chance that Mom or Dad might forget to tell the sitter something. 

The template includes where you will be at while the sitter is watching your children,  emergency contact information for both parents and additional emergency contacts, instructions for each child including what and when they eat, if they have any homework, activities they are allowed to do, rules they need to follow, bath and bed times as well as any medication needed. In the event of a true emergency, the contact information for the police, fire and doctor are listed along with your address if the sitter needs to relay it.

The template will help relieve any anxiousness you might have when leaving your kids with a sitter. Now, just don't pick a shitty movie to see.

You can download a copy of this template for your Brains of the Operation aka Household Binder, here.

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Cinderella said...

I love this. We also need to go out more. My favorite part is how you included room for more than one child. And everything on one page easy to follow at a glance. Thank you Good Wife!