Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random thoughts on pregnancy

I didn't post a lot about my last pregnancy since the focus on the blog was still 99% food posts with crappy photos. Plus The Good Husband was laid off. My joy was a bit tempered since I didn't want to write in The Good Daughter's baby book,  "Your Daddy thought of you all day while he was waiting in the unemployment line. We don't know how we are going to make rent this month, but we love you."

Thankfully things improved rather quickly and I was able to be excited and enjoy that first pregnancy in the wide eyed way that only first time moms can, thinking that sleepless nights and breastfeeding struggles will only happen to other moms.

Round two is markedly different. Whereas before when people would ask me how far along I was, I could name the week and day without thinking, now it's more like "23 weeks? I dunno." Gone is the excitement of baby showers and registries; replaced by the white hot panic of how I am going to handle a newborn all over again but this time, with the added bonus of a demanding 3 year old.

The excitement of making baby food and setting up the swing is now "I have to bring all that shit up out of the basement." I am scared the new baby smell won't last as long this time around. And since I am fairly sure this might be our last pregnancy I am trying to savor the last few weeks with a bittersweetness I might never have again.

I'm more than half way finished now and it still all feels unreal.

Noteworthy things about this pregnancy:
~It's a boy and a little weird knowing there is little baby junk just hanging out in me

~Pregnancy nightmares are the shit; in the last week I have dreamt my family was eaten by wolves, we were attacked by zombies (which is a fairly common, nonpregnancy dream for me, actually) and the baby is try to eat it's way out of my stomach

~I forgot how bad snail trail is

~I have gained 9 pounds so far, which is not bad but considering I am only "allowed" to gain 15 at the most, is depressing

~No flat, orange soda drink for me. I got to skip straight to a shot in my ass 4 times a day to control gestational diabetes

~The Good Son is going to get mostly hand-me-downs, including the nursery but I am getting a dresser for him since not having a changing table with TGD was a rookie fucking mistake. This means he will wear pink cloth diapers. But will be fabulous in them

~I have a very real and terrifying fear of labor and delivery since TGD was an unplanned and unexpected c/s

~My feet and my tits are having a competition to see which can get the biggest and most painful first. My feet are currently in the lead

~I forgot just how unique the feeling of being kicked in the vagina from the inside is. TGD always kicked my ribs and so far this boy aims below the belt.

~I haven't had any real heartburn or sciatic never pain, but I know both are just lying in wait.


Miss Patricia. said...

This post made me laugh out loud so many times. Your caustic wit is contagious I swear.

I've never been pregnant and the older I get the more scared of being pregnant I get. Motherhood is a daunting fear that's always gnawing at the back of my head (kind of like your recurring zombie dream)

It's just really good to see a blog entry that isn't "oh! lelelelelelelellelele I love babies and love pregnancy and mommyhood is perfect ALWAYS!" because blogs are overrun with that and it gets me down.

But I'm sure the Good Son will be fabulous in all ways, not just pink cloth diaper ways! He has an awesome mother. :)

#1SAHM said...

This post definitely made me laugh out loud! I can relate too 'cause I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I'm dreading going through the newborn stage again and dragging out all the baby stuff. In my 1st pregnancy I was kicked in the behind which I thought was painful until this pregnancy which entails kicking me in the vagina which is infinitely more painful. It'll be worth it though, right?
= )

The Good Wife said...

Thank you Patricia. I'm looking forward to the day The Good Son screams "motherfucker" in line at Target like The Good Daughter has. ;)

RNmom, I am just hoping I raise them good enough they will put me in the nice nursing home when the time comes.

Unknown said...

Pelvic tilts. Do 'em now and you won't get the sciatica. Hopefully. You can YouTube the exercise.

scarlettsea said...

Love this!! If only there were more honest mums. My second child is 4 and a bit months old.... But the looks I get for not knowing how many weeks old she is?!! Jeez. She's healthy and chubby what more do they want. We also didn't get a changing table first time round but did this time due to having a crappy back from all the floor changing business. Do I use it?! Do I fuck... Too lazy to walk up the stairs !!