Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Randoms - Why the hell I am tired all the time

When I first had The Good Daughter, everything was new and shiny and exciting. I was hanging out on a pregnancy chat board and reading mommy blogs and soaking it all in. It was pretty popular at the time to post a 'day in the life of' post about your schedule.

Since the blog was still mostly a food blog, I didn't post anything and now I have forgotten just how TGD and I made it through the days alive. So I think it would be interesting to document my typical day with both TGD and The Good Son so I can look at this later and grin uncontrollably that things have gotten better or shake with rage they have gotten worse.

So what a typical day looks like juggling a 3 year old, 2 month old, work and a house:

3:30 am - Up to nurse TGS. Catch up on some tv that will keep me awake, like the Republican National Convention or dick around on my phone

4:30 - put TGS in the co-sleeper and crawl into bed

4:36 - get kicked in the face by TGD as she performs the snow angel in the middle of our bed

6:30 - wake up to TGS grunting away like a pig looking for truffles, nurse him again

7:00 - put TGS in his swing, pump to build my freezer stash of breast milk, make coffee, unload the dishwasher, wipe down the kitchen counters

7:45/8:00 - TGD awakens. Make breakfast, let the dog out, TGD feeds the dog, let the dog in, tantrum #1, eat breakfast, clean up the dishes and the table, tantrum #2

8:30 - get everyone dressed, teeth and hair brushed, hands and faces washed, (on a bad day - tantrums #3-5)

8:45 - get our shit and get out of the house, drop the kids off with the strangers that raise them

9:00 - work, dick around on the internet, drink some coffee, pump a few times, take the dog outside, work

4:00 pm - pick the kids up from daycare, run to the grocery store or another errand

5:ish - get home, kick TGD outside to play before tantrum #6, throw a load of diapers in the wash, strap TGS into the moby, cook dinner

6:00 - eat the shit I made, tantrum #7-9, clean up the kitchen - again, switch over the wash to the dryer, throw another load in the wash, kick TGD outside again

6:something - nurse TGS again

7:15ish - switch the wash over to the dryer, take the dog for a walk, check on TGD running loose in the wild streets of suburbia

7:45 - get TGD in the tub, tantrum #10 , get her out and into jammies

8:00 - read a book to TGD and then one more book

8:14 - and then just one more fucking book

8:20 - tuck TGD into bed, hugs and kisses and goodnight

8:21 - reassure TGD there are no monsters or scary guys

8:22 - no, there are NO scary guys

8:23 - yes, i am sure

8:24 - i said no monsters, ok? the dog eats monsters

8:25 - love you, g'night

8:30 - nurse and put TGS down for the night, fold laundry, clean, pack bags and lunches for tomorrow, take the dog outside again

10:00 - watch the news

10:08 - fall asleep on the couch

11:30 - wake up to nurse again

12:15 am - crawl into bed to find TGD stealing my pillow

Are you tired, b/c I am fucking exhausted.


Lauren said...

Oh so so so true.

Marcie said...

You are SOOO Fun`knee!!!! Funny and TRUE~~~Love it and your Blog...keep up the hard work, it'll all pay off in the end :-}

Alex said...

4:36, 6:00 and the monster checks especially cracked me up. It's good you can maintain such a great sense of humor/sarcasm throughout your busy day!