Friday, July 19, 2013

New Budget Worksheet - Donation Log

This is the fourth post in a series on the new budget worksheets I have created that will soon be available in my Etsy Shop.

Each year we donate to several charities in our community. We have a rotating list of charities that cover a wide range of topics from arts and education to animals and the environment to women's issues. We also make several donations of physical goods - mainly clothes and food - to local organizations as well. A good way to keep track of these donation is with this log.

And with two kids that grow like weeds, I never have a shortage of clothes that could use a good home.

Since we claim these donations on our taxes, it is important to keep track of the amount as well as the receipts. The log helps to keep all the information in one place so I won't will be less likely to lose any paperwork. 

This log allows you to see the date of the donation, the organization, the value and description of the donation, as well as receipt received. 

Tomorrow I discuss my safe deposit box log.

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