Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trip to the State Fair

Every year The Good Husband and I go to the State Fair. And every year I act like Templeton the Rat. For the last few years, though we have been taking The Good Niece with us, who is five.

When you have a 5 year old with you, you get to see different parts of the fair then what two adults would normally see. This includes a lot of animals, mostly baby animals.

Chicks, a five day old calf and sheep

Pigs, horse and a sleeping goat
A sheep getting shorn, sheep in coats and yes, a life sized cow made entirely out of butter

But there is food at the fair, and arguably, it is the only reason to go. The first kind of food is award winning food.

Tomatoes, lettuce and a farmer's basket

Coffee cake, peach pie and German chocolate

And now for the great, mostly fried things, TGH, TGN and I had.
Pork skins, funnel cake and corn dogs.
Mini donut goodness

Tzatziki chicken, a fried snickers and a lemon shake-up to wash it all down.

Just to make sure you know you are in the Midwest - airbrush t-shirts, the God Mobile and Fried anything

I think TGN had a great time
Thank god the State Fair is only once a year. We need all that time to flush the grease out of our system, forget how hot it was, forget how much the pig barn smelled and how much money we spend. See you next year, butter cow!


Amanda said...

Awesome post! I don't think we have veggie competitions around here....

The Good Wife said...

Every year I saw I am going to enter a pie or somesuch thing and I never do.

A big plus is that is one of the only air conditioned building. So when the little one was hot, we just popped in there and looked around.

I took a ton more pictures of all the individual foods, but it would have made the post way too long.

MW said...

omg, those chicks are sooo cute!!!

My friend raised a goat once that won a prize at the county fair. You should do that. I mean, how hard could it be?

Still yearning for a deep fried snickers...

Anonymous said...

Yum, it all looks delicious (well, besides the humans and live animals).

Ms. Foodie said...

Don't worry. California has a *fair* share of godmobiles and air brushed t-shirt stands at our county/state fair. ; )

annie said...

The Airbrushed Shirt booth is my fave!

I confess to wanting fried pickles and Snickers.

Also, TGN is adorable!