Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to Clean - Gum from the dryer

This is what I was greeted with as I pulled my clothes out of the dryer the other day. What in the world is that? Why an entire pack of unnaturally blue gum left from The Good Husband's pocket.

After grumbling under my breath and questioning the sanity of a thirty-something man to be chewing day glo blue gum, I had to find a way to get the sticky stuff out of my new dryer.

Oh, my poor dryer. I bought you just a mere 5 months ago. I researched you intensely and celebrated the day we got you. It was like the Second Coming but for laundry.

So off to Google to find out how to clean gum from the dryer. All of the links said the same thing - Use a wet fabric softener sheet to remove the gum.

Well in our quest to be green and chemical free, we don't use fabric softener sheets. So no dice.

Then I got a helpful tip from an internet friend who said to try vinegar.

I use it to clean everything else, so why not?

Following the tips from my Google, I ran the dryer on a hot cycle for 10 minutes to soften the gum. I then soaked a rag in vinegar and went to town. After some extreme labor and very serious contortioning - never buy a dryer you are too short to reach the inside bottom of the drum or one you are too fat to climb into - I was able to remove all the sticky mess. I had to stand on a step stool, climb almost into the dryer and then twist my body and head around and up in a position that would rival anything from Cirque de Soleil.

I was left inhaling vinegar fumes while all the blood rushed to my head, making all the curses I had for TGH more painful. The Good Baby will never be allowed to chew gum because of this. Although if she does, she is small enough to put in the dryer so maybe it will be cleaned faster.

After the gum was removed I threw in some old towel and let them dry for 20 minutes, just to make sure all the gum was gone.

So to recap:

1 - brand new dryer

1 - pack of bright blue gum

1/2 - gallon of white vinegar

4 - old rags

3 - total hours I wasted cleaning up this mess

1 - lesson learned to ALWAYS check the pockets of every pair of pants

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