Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Farmer's Market

I joined a CSA this year which saved on going to the actual market.

How did it go, exactly, since I only blogged about it for a few weeks? We got a lot of corn, green beans, potatoes, squash, tomatoes and radishes. I froze a lot of the corn and squash to give to The Good Baby in a few months. We also ate a lot of green beans with bacon and mashed potatoes.

This weekend there was a Holiday Market which drew a lot of different vendors from the area. There were a lot of local meat vendors there, which was awesome, considering only a few make it to the regular farmer's market.

What did I score?

Natural White Cheddar

Honey candy

Cabbage Sprouts

Banana Blueberry bread

All Purpose Seasoning

Classic Catawba Wine

Chocolate Mocha biscotti

Apple Butter

(Not pictured) Beef Jerky

Chicken drummies

Beef Sticks

All of the goodies were either local, organic or both.

I am super excited to make the chicken since I already ate the jerky and beef sticks and they were amazing.

I plan on making pan roasted cabbage sprouts and potato gratin with white cheddar. I am not sure what I will do with the chicken. Maybe some braised chicken with white wine, but I am not sure.

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