Monday, February 15, 2010

I have an organizing dilemma

We have no hall linen closet in our house for the guest bath. We don't have a laundry room either. We have a laundry closet, in which I want to put a linen closet.

This is what it looks like now. I have the washer and dryer pushed to one side to make room for the hampers, broom, vacuum and mop. I would like some kind of cabinets here.

We would have to take out the metal shelving, which I would be ok with loosing, if I didn't use it to line dry.


I'm thinking something like the first picture in my room inspirations might work the best. I could put cabinets above the washer and dryer and use it to store my cleaning supplies. I could then have two bars run from the cabinet to the wall on the left that I could use for clothes drying. Then on the left corner wall I could have a shelving unit that would house linens.

Or should I have the shelving unit stand next to the washer and dryer and put the drying bars on the left wall?

To give you an idea of space size - the space from the wall to the dryer is almost 3 1/2 feet or 41 inches. The space from the wall with the closet door to the backside of the closet is 3 feet exactly.

Right now the corner is about a 3x3 square of empty, unused space.

What do you think would be the best use of space? Any suggestions are welcome.


Amanda Williams said...

We just put cabinets above our washer/dryer this weekend. We bought stock cabinets from home depot (white). They were $124 for the 30" (we got 2) and they were 20% off. I would get the 36" cabinets if u have the room...we didn't. they're SUPER easy to put up if u have 2 people. we lose the bar from the wire shelving but I don't miss it. u can easily use a tension rod underneath if u leave room though.

we also made use of the walls by just drilling screws at different spots to hang things from (we used 2 for our ironing board, one for the hook on our swifer sweeper, etc.)

good luck! the cabinets we did made a HUGE difference. i got some rubbermaid bins for my cookie cutters, baking supplies, etc. soo nice

Anonymous said...

I think you've got some pretty good ideas. I would recommend looking at Ikea's shevling. We have it in all of our closets (our house was built in the 50's when people apparently only had 5 outfits apiece) and it has greatly increased our ability to use the space that's there. I lurve it!

Also, I love the picture of the CD's air drying. Its so colorful it makes me want to Taste the Rainbow! Do they take terribly long to dry indoors?

The Good Wife said...

I dry the diapers inside now b/c we have yet to put up our clothesline for the outside. Also, even when we get the line up outside, I am too much of a baby to hang diapers in the snow.

I will check out Ikea.