Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cloth Diaper Update, Con't

Before I almost doubled my diaper stash with new Thristies diapers, I decided I wanted to try BumGenisus organic all-in-one, one-size diapers. I was able to get them on sale so I picked up an additional eight diapers to my previous stash of 15.

There are pros and cons to these diapers.

Pro - As you can see from the photo below, these really are an AIO, so there is no need to stuff these like you would with a pocket diaper. I can pull these off the line and wrap them around The Good Daughter and everything is gravy.

Con - The organic cotton sits right next to baby's skin and the wetness stays there. TGD can't wear these overnight since it will make her skin too red.

The inside of a BumGenis organic diaper, click to enlarge

Pro - These come in snaps. TGD hasn't quite figured out how to get these off of her compared to the hook and loop version. So they stay snug and on her.

Con - The snaps are a little funny in terms of sizing. With the hook and loop closures, you can place one tab on top of the other. With the snaps, the sizes are more defined so if you have less room to get a perfect fit

BumGenisus organic diaper, snap closure in grasshopper

Pro - These are 100% organic cotton, so no nasty chemicals next to baby's skin like in a disposable and they come in both snap closure, pictured above, and hook and loop closure.

Con - However, they are more expensive than BG3.0s

BumGenisus organic diaper, snap closure and hook and loop closure in (l-r) white, grasshopper, clementine, moonbeam

Pro - These are more trim than the BG3.0. I can fit more into the diaper bag and pants aren't as tight in the butt when TGD wears these.

Con - It is easy for the inside cotton to peak out from under the covering, especially around the legs. This will cause leaks, so you have to make sure all of the lining is tucked into before dressing baby.

Again, I wasn't paid for this post. I bought this stash out of my own tiny paycheck.

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