Friday, February 25, 2011

The Organized Kitchen, Part 3 - The Utensil Drawer

We all have that drawer in our kitchens, probably next to the stove, that is full of all the random utensils we acquire over time to help us cook. Every house I know has one - my mom, my cousin, both grandmas - and none of them are organized. All are just one pile of metal and plastic that you have to dig through to find the can opener.

So in keeping with tradition this is what my utensil drawer looked like before

and here is what is looks like after a trip to BB&B

I bought three bamboo boxes in different sizes. On the left are spatulas and tongs, in the lower right is my wine opener, flat spatula, thermometer, small strainer and large biscuit cutter. In the upper right is my meat tenderizer along with two other biscuit cutters.

I saved the space in the back for larger, less used items, like my grater, pastry cutter, steamer basket and manual can opener.

I am sad my rolling pin won't fit in there any more but maybe one day I will have a baking drawer so it can fit in there.

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