Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fat Camp-Day 30 something: I'm still fat

Although I have lost 11 pounds so far even with a week with a 2 pound gain.

So it's something. I also learned about two weeks ago that I am once again diabetic only without the joy of being pregnant. It is both hard and easy compared to before. I still have to wrap mt head around it and meet with the doctor.

But I am one month into fat camp and have two more to go. I hope for another 11 pounds lost next month.


USA Kiwi said...

That is AMAZING that you have lost that much! Take the slight gains with the losses, and count yourself as WONDERFUL for having gotten this far.

I want to follow your example!

The Good Wife said...

Aw thanks Kiwi. I am very humbled to have inspired you.