Friday, February 18, 2011

I totally suck as a wife. You're shocked, right?

So, I'm cruising through my google reader and up pops this lovely little chart from Thought Catalog. I thought, "Sweet! Let's see how much I would have sucked as a wife in the 30s." Not surprisingly, I suck. Hard.

No I mean I really suck. Add up my score.

I'll wait.

That's right. I scored 1.


I lost major points for being an atheist. We don't make good wives, I guess. And really I should get a half point off b/c I hate other people's children. So really, I'm more of a .5. FAIL

Although I should get extra points for being so damn jolly and gay.

So I thought The Good Husband must score off the charts. He must be perfect.

No, he totally fucking sucks too. But he scores 15 points.

But I don't think snoring should count since you can't really help that.

So both of us losers deserve each other.

How do you rate?


USA Kiwi said...

I suck as a wife. I got like 2 points.

The Good Wife said...

Hey, that's still better than me!