Friday, April 29, 2011

Homemade Play Dough

The Good Husband has an unusual work schedule. He works 12 hour shifts, so on the days he works, I need to find a way to keep The Good Daughter entertained while I make dinner. If I were truly a good wife, I would have something made ahead of time, but we all know I'm not that good.

I don't like just plopping TGD down in front of the TV, no matter how much she loves SuperWhy! I was raised in front of the TV and is probably one of the reasons I am lazy. I have tried letting her color at the table but she just ends up eating the crayons.

Then I found a recipe for homemade play dough and thought that would buy me some time to cook. We made some the other night and she was quite skeptical. I loved play dough as a kid and was really rather anal about it, shockingly. I could not stand to mix the colors and I totally judged my little friends that would mix all the colors together and then put the shit colored play dough back in the can of red play dough. Freaks.

At first TGD was into it. She realized she could smoosh it and it was kind cool.

She could squeeze it.

She could throw it.

She could pull it.

She could stretch it.

And then she fucking ate it and gave the rest to the dog.

The good thing however is this is all natural. It was only flour, water, salt, oil and food coloring. I ended up making yellow and blue, since those are the only colors TGD can say. The only huge negative was the recipe made so much. It was too much. You could cut the recipe in half and still have a ton of play dough.

Also, the dough was super stiff and I could smell the motor burning in my hand mixer.

1 cup water

3 cup flour

1 1/2 cup salt

1/4 cup oil

Food coloring

~Combine ingredients in bowl and mix. Add more flour if mixture is too sticky. Store in a plastic zip-lock bag.

Oh, and TGD totally mixed the colors together. Freak

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