Saturday, May 14, 2011

I love consignment stores

I have told y'all of about my habit of shopping at consignment stores before. But let me use this post to profess my love of consignment stores.

The Good Daughter is lucky in that her birthday is six months from Christmas. So clothes she gets at Christmas last roughly until her birthday where she then gets clothes to last her through to Christmas. It's a pretty sweet deal.

However, there are times when I need to buy something for her that she just didn't have and wasn't available at stores until now.

Like an Easter dress.
This one actually doubled as an Easter/wedding dress since we suddenly have to go to 3 wedding in two months when it has been 7 years since the last wedding we attended.

I just died when I saw this. There was not a drop of stain on it and the cherry blossoms are just so damn cute I am sad TGD will outgrow this soon. I seriously want to frame it or some shit. But the best thing is, this cute Old Navy number was only $5. Yup. Cheaper than a pack of smokes. The hat was separate.

Another item you can't find in the dead of winter in the Midwest is swimsuits. TGD needs two suits for daycare, so I checked out the consignment store, hoping they would have some in TGD's size. I was lucky they had several option but once I ruled out all the bikini style suits, there were 5 suits to choose from. I let TGD pick and she chose:

This freaking cute number. It is a two piece and the bottom is cut like traditional undies, but the top covers her belly and arms, which is good considering I need to be more diligent about applying sun screen in the summer.

We had a day in the high 80s this week, so I busted out the hose, slapped the suit on her and headed out in the yard. She didn't like the hose, and I don't blame her since the water was cold as hell, but she loved the suit. I even let her play in the tub with it.

And this little Gymboree beauty was only $4. A quick google tells me this thing is selling on ebay for 25 bucks.

So I hope this post debunks any notion that consignment stores only sell old, outdated stuff you wouldn't put on your dog. Consignment stores fucking rock.

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