Friday, September 9, 2011

The kiddo cabinet

If I hated the English language, I would name this post "The Kiddo Kabinet" but I was a communications major, so I just can't do it.

I needed a place to put all The Good Daughter's stuff. I didn't want to put it in with ours b/c hers is so small, it would get lost in the regular plate cabinet. I also wanted all her stuff in one spot, as opposed to plates and bowls in one cabinet, her silverware in the drawer, etc.

So I came up with this.

All her stuff in one place, easy to reach and mostly clutter free.

On the first shelf we have cups and bowls. I also keep her silverware here, along with a baggie of homemade play dough and a few crayons.

The second shelf has leftover party supplies from my baby shower and TGD's first birthday. We are slowly going through it but since I hate to throw out stuff like that, it's hard.

The top shelf houses all TGD's baby bottles we are saving for when we have baby2.0 (no, that is not an announcement) along with our medicine. Medicines shouldn't actually be in your medicine cabinet in the bathroom, since the humidity can cause breakdown over time. But they do need to be in a safe place away from kids. Considering the fact that *I* need a chair to reach them, they are out of harms way.

Finally, I got some removable hooks and placed one on the inside of the door, so all her bibs will be in one place.

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Shanea said...

Your child's cabinet is really full. My son's space is quite sparse...there my English degree was not in vain :0